DOWNLOAD combination t818 all binary remove frp tab s2 bypass skip


how to flash Samsung combinationn t818 u1 u2 u3 by file combination binary u1 u2 u3

a new combination for remove bypass google account

repair drk  fix problem software

model name: Samsung tab s2 bypass  combination Samsung t818 u1 2 3 REV 1 2 3

*click button hold download power off your phone

enter phone download mode

press button home vol down  button power

flash file by Odin write pda in ap

after flashing to Samsung by a combination s6 edge

enable OEM or enable USB debugging

after flash, the Samsung combination t818 u1 u2 u3 full flash

. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T818)

  • Combination: COMBINATION_OXA_FA60_T818XXU2BQD1.rar   (547M)  | AFH   
  • Stock (full):  T818XXU2BRE1_T818TUR2BRE1_TUR_7.0_FULL.rar   (1.6G)  | AFH

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T818A)

  • Combination:
    • COMBINATION_ATT_FA60_T818AUCU3ARG1.rar  (563M) | AFH
    • COMBINATION_ATT_FA60_T818AUCU1AQH1.rar (563M) | AFH
  • Stock (full):
    • T818AUCU2BRE2_T818AATT2BRE2_ATT_7.0_FULL.rar  (1.8G) | AFH
    • T818AUCS1BRA1_T818AATT1BRA1_ATT_7.0_FULL.rar  (1.7G) | AFH

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T818T)

  • Combination:
    • COMBINATION_TMB_FA60_T818TUVU2ARE1.rar  (561M) | AFH
    • COMBINATION_TMB_FA60_T818TUVU1APH1.rar  (561M) | AFH
  • Stock (full): T818TUVS3BRG2_T818TTMB3BRG2_TMB_7.0_FULL.rar (1.6G) | AFH

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T818V)

  • Combination: COMBINATION_VZW_FA60_T818VVRU1AQE1.rar  (564M) | AFH
  • Stock (full): T818VVRS1BRG1_T818VVZW1BRG1_VZW_7.0_STOCK.rar  (1.5G) | AFH

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T818W)

  • Combination: Dùng chung rom combinatoion với bản A (T818A)
  • Stock (full): T818WVLS3BSA2_T818WOYA3BSA2_XAC_7.0_FULL.rar  (1.7G) | AFH
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