Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507) firmware combination free


how to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507) with combination and firmware

fix any problem software and fix hang on logo

reset bypass frp google account , fix hang on recovery mode

combination samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507)

 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500)

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    • T500XXU 2 / AFH 
    • T500XXU 1 / AFH 

. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T505N )

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  • Stock / Full:
    • T505NKOU 2 / AFH 
    • T505NKOU 1 / AFH 

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T505 )

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  • Stock / Full:
    • T505XXU 2 / AFH 
    • T505XXU 1 / AFH 

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM )

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  • Stock / Full:
    • T507JXU 2 / AFH 
    • T507JXU 1 / AFH 

how to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507) by rom or combination

Firmware instructions

First, install the odin tools on your computer. Next, download the archive with the firmware Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507) and unzip it to a convenient place on your computer. We open the folder and see there are five files, of which we need four. Now we launch Odin tools .

We see four items in the program: Bootloader, PDA, PHONE, CSC. You need to upload your file to each item. There are 4 files in the firmwareand combination Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507)  , in the name of which the first two letters suggest to which point the file should be loaded. Here is the scheme according to which you need to upload files:

AP file – PDA tab, BL – Bootloader tab, MODEM – Phone tab, CSC – CSC tab. If you are using Odin version 3.10, then the first letters of the firmware files in it coincide with the names of the items in the program.

But there are firmwares with only one file in the archive. If your smartphone has exactly this firmware, then this file must be loaded into the PDA item. Do not touch the rest of the items.

Now let’s prepare the phone. First you need to turn it off. Now you need to simultaneously hold down the power button, volume down and the “Home” button. Different inscriptions will appear, press the volume button up. You will be taken to a special menu.

We connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. After connection, under the inscription “ID: COM”, the port number on the computer to which you connected the smartphone should be displayed. If the inscription appears, another inscription “Added!” Should appear in the lower left corner, and then press the button “Start”. The firmware process will begin, which will take from 5 to 15 minutes.

At the end of the firmware, PASS will appear in the upper left corner. The window with the captions at the end should say “All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) “. This means that the process is completed, 1 is set, errors are 0. So everything is established. You can turn on your smartphone.

It will take longer than usual to turn it on for the first time, so don’t worry.

After the firmware, it is advisable to make wipes. This is a reset of all settings. To do this, you need to go to the recovery . To enter there, you need:

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Press the “Home” button, the power button and the volume up at the same time.
  • Select Wipe Data by scrolling to it with the volume rocker and pressing the power button to select.
  • Select “Yes”
  • Select Wipe Cache
  • Select “Yes”
  • Return to the beginning of the recovery menu (if you did not return before automatically) and select Reboot system.

The phone will reboot, and you will be given a choice of language, connection to Wi-Fi, entering a password for your Google account.

This completes the firmware of the phone.


This was the first part of an article about flashing phones. In this article, we examined the process of flashing Samsung gadgets, since there is a personal program for them. In the second part, we will describe other programs, as well as analyze the method of flashing through recovery, which is universal for all smartphones.

How to Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500 / T505 / T507)



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