How to fix the 501 error in the Google Play Store 1

How to fix the 501 error in the Google Play Store


If you are an Android user, knowing how to solve the Google Play store error 501 or 505 Google Play error is very useful. Google Play store error 501 is a very common problem of Android users. When you download the Google Play Store or Update the application that may occur. This problem can occur with a specific message. After this message, the name of the application will be “installation impossible”. If you encounter this problem, in any case, you may not be able to install it. Or update any application or game. Google Play Store error 501 is often particularly present when you plan to install multiple applications.

Google Play Store error 501 is available on great phones with custom disks. In addition, this problem is likely to occur quite frequently on Android root devices. Let’s see how to solve this problem. Google Play Store Error 501. We need to explain more than one way to solve this problem. You can choose the best option from the list to solve the problem.

Part 1. Five ways to fix the error in the Google Play Store 501
Part 2. Other errors related to the Google Play Store
Part 1. Five ways to fix the error in the Google Play Store 501
01. Download an application at the same time
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Those who are their phones have been reset to factory settings and must download all applications again, and users such as Android tend to download several applications at the same time to save time. Error 501 from Google Play Store. The easiest way to solve this problem is to download an application via an application.

02. Solve problems related to the Google Play Store
If the previous solution does not suit you, try this method. In some cases, Google Play Store may experience functionality issues after the update, which may result in compatibility issues and device operations. If you encounter Google Play Store error 501 after the update, here’s how to proceed: the solution is to uninstall the installed update first. If the problem concerns an update, uninstalling is sufficient to solve it. If you want to know how to uninstall the update from Google Play Store, here’s how to do it.

How to fix the 501 error in the Google Play Store 2


Go to the Settings menu and select the option called Application Manager.
Then, access all the tabs and search for the Google Play Store.
Now, you should take advantage of the Stop in Forces option tag.
Now click on Clear Data.
Click on Uninstall Update.
Once the steps are completed, you must restart the device.
Now try to install or update an application via Google’s Play Store and find out how it works.
03. Get the update of the Google Play service
If more than two methods do not work well, you should try this method. Sometimes, Google Play Store error 501 due to an obsolete Google Play service and the obsolete Google Play application may not be compatible. Some of the latest applications can be really annoying, but this problem can be easily solved with a simple strategy.

The best solution to this problem is to update the Google Play service. You must uninstall the existing Google Play professional application and reinstall it.

If you need step-by-step advice, here’s how to proceed.

Entering the parameters and selection options is called Application Manager. Then select the “All” option, then take advantage of the Google Play service and choose to install the update.


How to fix the 501 error in the Google Play Store 3


04. Try to fix the error in the Google Play Store 501 by clearing the cache application
In some cases, the cache of the Google Play Store application may be the cause of the problem. Therefore, if none of the above methods work for you so far, you can try this method. This method explains how to delete the application. Program cache (special Google Play Store).

Go to Settings and select the Application Options tab.
Then look for the option named All.
You can now find the Google Play Store. Click and select Clear Cache and Data.
These simple steps clear the Google application’s cache and make it easier to run. If Google Play Store error 501 is caused by a cache problem, this solution is the solution. You will now be able to install or update via Any Application for Google Apps.

05. If you are a custom ROM user;
Have you ever flashed a custom ROM plug-in that you use on an Android device? If so, leave the Google Play Store on your 501 device. When the device has a custom ROM, the device is not compatible with the installation. The application can cause various problems. The 501 error in Google Play Store is one of the most common problems. Okay, the solution to this problem is to update the operating system. In general, if the problem is due to the error If you need to prevent other problems related to custom ROM, you should go to a GAPP. Now let’s see how Flash works under Android OS. Original version

First of all, you must completely turn off the unit. Otherwise, you can remove the battery from the phone and restart.
When the phone is turned off, be sure to press the Home button while you press the power and volume reduction buttons.
Now you can see the so-called Wipe Cache Partition option. You can move between the screens on the upper and lower screens. To confirm the options you have chosen, you must press “Home”.
From now on, this process will simply reset the device and clear the cache partition.
This should solve the problem in Google Play Store 501. If this option does not work, you will need to reset the factory settings and then reconfigure the unit. To be able to deploy a new installation, you must Try another ROM and update the GAPPS package. You can restart in recovery mode and continue to flash with the new zip file. In most cases, this method must resolve Google Play Store error 501. Use Google Play service and smoothing features.


Part 2. Other errors related to the Google Play Store
Here are some other common errors related to the Google Play Store: in addition to the errors mentioned above, let’s briefly explain the solutions to these problems.

Error rh01
This is another common problem associated with Google Play Store. In general, this problem occurs when an error occurs when retrieving information from the server. To solve this problem, we indicate two options.

First method
Go to the Settings menu, select Applications, then select All Selections from the Google Play Store. Then select “Clear data” and “Clear cache”. Follow the same steps as for Google Services Framework.

Second method
Another solution to this problem is to delete your existing Gmail account, restart the device, then add your Gmail account to see if it solves the problem.

Error when obtaining information from the server
This is another common problem that occurs when downloading or updating an application via Google Play Store. This problem occurs when Google’s servers cannot collect information through a Google account. This problem can be solved in the same way as above. You can delete your existing email account and save it, but you must wait a few hours, then check that the problem persists, which can be solved automatically.

Here’s how to solve this problem
Go to the “Settings” option and select “Account”. Then select the Google option and go to “Delete your Google Account”. Once this process is complete, you must restart your Android device. Then you must synchronize your account again to get started.

To finish, you must open “Settings”, then “Applications”, then click on (G) “All” and select “Google Service Framework”. You must now select two “Deleted Data”. And “forced stop”.

Well, that’s how to deal with the 501 Google Play Store error a number of other issues and Android. These methods will solve your Android device without causing damage to the device.


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