how to flash Doogee x30 after dead – remove frp done


with you the Doggee X30, knowing that it was preceded and set out earlier, but it is not completed from the explanation, but the bot used

Flash, taken from a new device, and a bot that takes advantage

FRP removals

Read style

Delete the code so that

read the flash


Operation: Read Flash [v1.58]

1. Turn the phone off, remove the battery, insert it back
2. Insert the USB cable. In some cases you may need to hold the BootKey

Wait till the phone…
Phone found! [8]
Initial loading Good!
BB_CPU_PID: 6580
BB_CPU_NME: [MediaTek] MT6580_S00
BB_CPU_EXT: 0xCA00, 0x8A00, 0x0000
Processing of the BROM stage
The settings for BROM are set!
SecCfgVal: 0x0100000000
BromVer: 0x00FF
0x0001 PreLoader: Active [Boot with PL]
DA processing
DA DA Selection completed, MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2017-06-20.16: 16
Sending and initializing the DA…
Starting DA ver.4.2C when DA ver.4.2C is enabled at 0
NAND Flash: Not installed
eMMC Flash: 90014A484147326505071D43DC28C33D
Initialize the memory…
The DRAM is already initialized with Preloader
DAgent sent, init HW now
eMMC FlashIC initialized
[eMMC]: FLASH_VEN: 0x90, OEM: 014A
[EMMC]: FLASH_CID: 90014A484147326505071D43DC28C33D
[EMMC]: FLASH_BRT: 0x00400000, 0x00400000, 0x00400000
[EMMC]: FLASH_LEN: 0x00000003AB800000
[EMMC]: FLASH_UCP: 15032 MiB [EMMC 16 GB]
DEV RID: 0x75DE917CB3E69998CC976564CF2D16BD
INT RAM: 0x00020000
EXT RAM: 0x8000000000 [2 GiB]
Reading Flash content now…
Boot Ok!
HWConfig Information saved

xGPT: normalize the Ok!

Brand: DOOGEE ProdName
: X30
ProdModel: X30
Device: X30
AndroidVer: 7.0
MTKxPRJ: DOOGEE-X30-Android7.0-20180102

normal]: preloader_hct6580_weg_n.bin
[Read normal]: lk.bin [Read well]: boot.img
[Read Ok]: recovery.img
[Read Ok]: logo.bin
[Read Ok]: tz1.img
[Read Ok]: tz2.img
[Read Ok]: secro.img
[Read Ok]: System. img.
[Read Ok]: cache.img
[Read Ok]: userdata.img

[ScatCFG]: MT6580 / V1.1.2 / hct6580_weg_n / EMMC
Android Information saved
FW Size: 2684 Mib
Scatter is saved in: C: \ Users \ STARKRIMES \ Desktop \ MT6580__DOOGEE__X30__X30__X30__7.0__DOOGEE-X30-Android7.0-20180102 \

It’s all set!

It’s done!
It’s passed: 00:10:15 Reconnect
power supply / cable!


boot dooge x30



scatter file

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