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  • Why don't I have the iOS 14 update?
  • In most cases, there is a stuck process that is preventing iOS 14/14 Beta 4 (3,2,1) /13.5/13/12 update from showing. To get rid of this problem, you can force restart your device to stop all background processes and restart them.    
    • What's the latest version of iOS?
    The latest version of iOS is iOS 14 which was released on September 16, 2020. Each device is limited to a maximum version of iOS.  
    • How to force iOS 14 update?
    To do this, open the App Store, then touch your profile picture to open the “Account” section. Then pull this section down to refresh it. This will have the effect of forcing the appearance of new updates, if there are new ones obviously.  
    • Is iOS 14 good?
    We therefore redid two versatile autonomy tests after this first passage under iOS 14. Two interesting points emerge. The first that autonomy is really better with the new version of Apple's operating system 1