Samsung A20s Remove FRP Done in EDL mode via test point


remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from Samsung A20s using EDL (Emergency Download) mode and test point method. Follow step-by-step instructions to enter EDL mode safely and remove FRP lock on your Samsung A20s device.”

  1. Power Off: Ensure the Samsung A20s device is completely powered off before initiating the FRP removal process.
  2. Test Point Identification: Locate the specific test point on the device’s circuit board, which is essential for entering EDL mode a20s .

a20s edl

  1. Short Circuit: Utilize tweezers or a similar tool to short-circuit the identified test point, a critical step in activating EDL mode.
  2. Connection to Computer: While maintaining the short circuit on the test point, connect the Samsung A20s to a computer using a USB cable.

cable usb

  1. Recognition in EDL Mode: Verify that the computer successfully detects the Samsung A20s device in EDL mode, which is crucial for executing further operations.
  2. Exercise Caution: Proceed with caution while the device is in EDL mode, as it is primarily intended for device repair and firmware flashing. Incorrect actions during this phase can potentially damage the device.

info remove frp by unlocktool

Waiting for devices
COM COM1 (Communications Port)
Manufacturing Date: 20190425 Security Patch 2020-01-01
Connection tp,adb Timezone: Asia/Karachi
Android Version: 9
Android SDK 20
Build: PPR1.180610.011.A205FXX56ATA1 Build Date: Mon Jan 6 15:28:48 KST 2020 Product Code SM-A205FZKGPAK
Samsung Serial: R5M472EW20 Device Name a20
Product Name: a20dd
Sales Code PAK Removing FRP OK
UNLOCKTOOL 2022.06.29.0 Elapsed time: 22 seconds
Fast Conne


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