remove demo oppo f7 free download flash


firmware oppo f7 demo install flash file for remove enjoy demo fix

The most important step before you flash you need to get a backup of the flash of the device to be deleted the DEMO of it

After that, you flash file SYSTEM detected from the flash of the drawn

flash file oppo f7 demo beckup by CM2 or miracle

Disadvantages and advantages of oppo f7 demo: assessment of Obi-F7

Ask us company Oppo new phone in the series of F which do not represent the phones fee the company such as the telephone, the R15, though the gesture mode design is largely similar to them with the same note iPhone X even with the same processor of Mediatek Helio P60 other than cameras

Finally, Oppo’s New no better time to pick up a personal photo through the front camera until now where the phone came a match for the pre-orders are not where the oppo f7 demo complete to the March of the stars in her phone arena the Oppo F5, which was released the previous year with work on the development and improvement of the oppo f7 demo and address the disadvantages of Oppo F5 and solve it in the op F7 where comes the big-screen for the full dimensions of 19:9 where the use of dialogue as the optimal in addition to the MediaTek processor closest to the Helio P60 and artificial intelligence has been manufacturing the oppo f7 demo to provide a better experience than before

Open box device F7
oppo f7 demo Unboxing

Under the content box Mobile for oppo f7 demo on the following:

Mobile for oppo f7 demo
Top Screen Power 2 amp
Guarantee the phone for one year only
Headphones “handset FreeBSD”
Wire the USB Type Micro USB
Pin “needle” to open the port bar to my call
The instruction manual explains how to use the phone in several languages
The pod appeared transparent protect back of the phone from scratching and breakage
Screen to protect the screen from the front was placed on the screen of the phone in advance
The external shape of the to answer Obi-F7:
oppo f7 demo specification

Weight: 158 beauty
Length: 156 mm
Width: 75.3 mm
Thickness: 7.8 mm
Stop mobile F7 in red, silver, black
Comes phone the op F7 with a brand new design from the front where the design is similar to the faith of X where the notes contain a front camera with the removal of the bulb notifications with gently curved lines to make use it and share it more easily, especially with the big screen of the phone is made of plastic with the back glossy like glass in the back which makes it prone to fingerprints your fingers place your use so you must put the pod back of the phone to protect the phone from breakage and stains in order to solve the problem of protrusion of the rear camera

The aspects of the black plastic that protects aspects of the screen to make them thicker from her phone at the Oppo F5 with maintaining the status of all the openings and ports the usual full

Where the phone comes from the front screen with an area of 6.23 inch with earphone calls and front camera, the control buttons came built-in screen

And from the back you’ll find the phone’s back cover is very shiny as for the rear camera you’ll find its example on the structure of the back of the phone a little bit next to them flash a mono-type in Leeds below you’ll find a fingerprint sensor with the logo of the company Oppo

On the right wing for the table, you’ll find the outlet for my partner to call the disaster the external memory with the power button the Power, either of the left two buttons controls the raising and lowering the sound

And up you’ll find the microphone and the addition to prevent the occurrence of the process noise as the rest of the upper side is smooth, the bottom will open the 3.5 Milli headphones next to his microphone calls with USB, headphones, external phone

Mobile screen for oppo f7 demo
oppo f7 demo Display

Come screen for oppo f7 demo size 6.23 inch type LTPS IPS LCD, the quality of the FHD+ resolution 1080×2280 at the rate of 405 pixels per one inch on the dimensions of a completely new Where comes the dimensions of the 19:9 while most companies compete this year on the dimensions of the 18:9 the screen 82.5% of the front-end

The colors of the screen in the display text and colors were excellent as for the visibility under sunlight was very clear as long as you raise the brightness level and lighting to the nth degree it also comes with a layer of protection from the bottle of Corona Gorilla 5, and in watching the videos you can check both if you want to show video in the entire screen with a sheet or re-zoom out the video to the notes detail without uprooting something from the videos or games

Sound and communications
oppo f7 demo Sim

The phone supports SIM touch type Nano SIM
Supports to increase the space via memory card up to 256
The phone supports all the networks currently available
The beginning of the second generation the 2G the second generation of 3G and even talk to the networks of the fourth generation 4G
Supports all frequencies of the Wi-Fi of the existing a/b/g/n/ac in addition to the possibility of contact frequencies with one at a time via the Dual Band
It also supports the possibility of direct contact via WiFi Direct with his support for the possibility of work of the network virtual via the Hotspot
Supports Bluetooth issue 4.2 with support for A2DP, LE
Supports geotagging GPS with A-GPS
The radio supports FM
Also supports the operation of the OTG to the phone USB port to run any flash on your phone or any USB-Driver
Supports an additional microphone to prevent the occurrence of operation noise during the verification, registration or imaging through the phone
As for the performance of the external speakers are one of the best fish of the individual where the phone needs to hear the external one only
Their performance was very high and very, very clear both in watching videos or playing games or call through the speaker
Added OBO technically the Real Original Sound Technology designed to improve the sound to the sound of the three-dimensional to try to listen to music better

link 2 oppo f7 demo

link flash file oppo f7

OPPO F7 (CPH1819EX_11_A.38)

link flash file oppo f7 128G

OPPO F7 128G (CPH1821EX_11_A.38) 

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