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Samsung Galaxy s9 plus retail mode MDM lock, factory reset bypass works 100%

THNKS Kheibar Takal  CHANNEL

all right everyone so a while back I
bought a galaxy s 9 plus with a model
number SMG 965 you won and it had a
retail boat lock and the MDM lock I
tried everything since it would not let
you get into settings you can change the
USB debugging mode so therefore odin
flushing was not working I tried every
single tread ice tried everything online
nothing worked
you could you can you could actually
hook it up to Wi-Fi but you couldn’t
change the password so um I just got
lucky I guess I was at the hospital and
when I it went automatically into the
Wi-Fi of the hospital and the web page
opened and I could put the password on
to the web person, you know how sometimes
you got the free internet page like
Starbucks and all that I did that and
then I just went on Chrome and logged in
under Chrome with the phone and was able
actually to go on my other phone and see
that phone on Google Chrome and factory
reset it remotely so that was the only
way to factory reset the phone the phone
factory reset it and came back on and
ever since then I’ve been using the
phone I’m actually taking away another
video with that phone this is no
I’m trying to help you guys out
I don’t want no money anybody wants to
give me some money of course I won’t say
no to it you know but I’m not trying to
get no money this is no scam you wanna
unlock your phone you can get into the
settings you cannot do the factory set
out because it says after the
reset that it’s MDM locked or whatever
try this try to see if you can log in
into the Wi-Fi when you click on the
Wi-Fi sign it will not open up
it just shows
the different Wi-Fi names if you put on
one with the password it just this
the system won’t allow it but if you open
open Wi-Fi and open up the internet
the browser you can actually put the
password on the internet browser and
then go on Google Chrome and just sign
in with your Google address and then
that phone will be basically signed up
on your Google account okay you have to
just do the word processing step of
accepting it and accepting the email on
your other phone and you cannot just
factory reset it with your other phone
okay if you need any help just let me
know I try to help out and this is no
fake now I don’t know if all these
retail mode phones and all these demos
versions or the same as mine was but
as far as mine this is how I got
unlocked and I’ve been using it ever
since then okay all right just let me
know if you guys need help

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