Free Download Samsung Galaxy A70 (SM-A705FN) Combination


Download and Flash combination file  Samsung Galaxy A70 (SM-A705) involves using  Odin flashing tool on a Windows computer. Here’s a general outline of the steps:

Before You Begin:

  1. Download Necessary Files: Download the appropriate combination file for your Samsung Galaxy A70 model and variant.
  1. Backup Data: Flashing firmware files can result in data loss. It’s essential to back up any important data on your device.
  2. Ensure Battery Level: Ensure that your device has enough battery charge to avoid interruption during the flashing process.
  3. Install Samsung USB Drivers: Install Samsung USB drivers on your computer to allow communication between the device and the computer.

Flashing Combination File:

  1. Boot Device into Download Mode:
    • Power off your Samsung Galaxy A70.
    • Press and hold the Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons simultaneously.
    • Release the buttons when you see the warning screen, then press the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.


  1. Download Odin Flash Tool: Download and extract the Odin flashing tool on your computer.
  2. Run Odin Tool: Run the Odin tool executable file (Odin3.exe) as an administrator.
  3. Connect Device to Computer: Connect your Samsung Galaxy A70 to the computer using a USB cable. Odin should recognize your device; you’ll see an “Added!” message in Odin.
  4. Load Combination File in Odin:
    • Click on the AP or PDA button in Odin (depending on the Odin version).
    • Select the combination file you downloaded earlier.
  5. Configure Odin Settings:
    • Make sure only the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options are checked in Odin. Do not check the “Re-Partition” option.
  6. Start Flashing:
    • Once everything is set up, click the “Start” button in Odin to begin flashing the combination file.
    • The flashing process will take some time. You’ll see a progress bar in Odin, and your device will reboot once the flashing is complete.
  7. Wait for Completion: Do not disconnect your device until Odin shows a “Pass” message and your device reboots.
  8. Factory Reset (Optional): After flashing the combination file, you might need to perform a factory reset from recovery mode to ensure proper functionality.

That’s it! You’ve successfully flashed a combination file on your Samsung Galaxy A70 (SM-A705). Remember, flashing firmware files carries risks, so proceed with caution and ensure you’re using the correct files for your device.

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