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“Discover the precise test points Infinix Hot 6 (X608) in this comprehensive guide. Learn how to initiate hardware modifications and flashing processes with ease.

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how to flash  Infinix Hot 6 (X608) using test point

method typically involves shorting specific points on the device’s hardware to force it into a mode where it can be detected by flashing tools. Here’s a general outline of the process:

  1. Prepare Your Equipment: Gather all the necessary equipment, including a compatible USB cable, a computer with necessary drivers installed, and the firmware files for your Infinix Hot 6 (X608).
  2. Identify Test Points infinix hot 6 x608: Locate the test points on the Infinix Hot 6 (X608) motherboard. Test points are usually small soldering points labeled TP1, TP2, etc. You may need to refer to technical documentation, forums, or guides specific to your device to find the exact locations of these points.
  3. Short Test Points infinix hot 6 x608: With the device powered off, carefully short the designated test points using a conductive material, such as tweezers or a metal wire. This step is crucial for putting the device into a mode where it can be detected by the flashing tool.
  4. Connect the Device to the Computer: After shorting the test points, connect your Infinix Hot 6 (X608) device to your computer using a USB cable.
  5. Open Flashing Software: Launch the flashing software on your computer. Popular flashing tools for Infinix devices include SP Flash Tool, Miracle Box, or Infinix Flash Tool.
  6. Load Firmware Files: In the flashing software, locate and load the firmware files (usually in the form of a scatter file or a firmware package) for your Infinix Hot 6 (X608) device.
  7. Start the Flashing Process: Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the flashing software to start the flashing process. This may involve selecting specific options or configurations depending on the flashing tool you’re using.
  8. Wait for Completion: Once the flashing process begins, wait patiently until it completes. Do not disconnect the device from the computer or interrupt the process as it may result in a bricked device.
  9. Finish and Reboot: After the flashing process is complete, the software should display a success message. You can then safely disconnect your device from the computer and reboot it.


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