Huawei Y7p ART-L28, ART-L29 Test Point Guide: Step by Step


Huawei Y7p (ART-L28, ART-L29) test point method is crucial for performing various tasks like FRP removal, Huawei ID elimination, and flashing firmware. 


  1. Understand the Test Point Method:
    • Familiarize yourself with the test point method’s significance in accessing COM1 mode, essential for repairing and modifying Huawei devices.


Huawei Y7P ART-L29 Test point

  1. Prepare Necessary Tools:
    • Ensure you have the required tools, including tweezers, USB cables, and a PC with appropriate drivers installed.
  2. Remove the Back Cover:
    • Carefully remove the back cover of your Huawei Y7p (ART-L28, ART-L29) to access the internal components.
  3. Locate the Test Point Area:
    • Identify the test point area on the device’s motherboard. This location may vary depending on the device model, so refer to specific guides or schematics.
  4. Connect the Test Points:
    • Using tweezers or a conductive material, short the designated test points on the motherboard. This action establishes a connection necessary for entering the desired mode.
  5. Connect to PC:
    • Once the test points are shorted, connect your Huawei Y7p (ART-L28, ART-L29) to your PC using a compatible USB cable.
  6. Install Drivers:
    • Ensure that the required drivers are installed on your PC to facilitate communication between the device and the computer.
  7. Execute Desired Tasks:
    • With the device connected in COM1 mode via the test point method, you can perform various tasks such as FRP removal, Huawei ID elimination, and flashing firmware using appropriate software tools.
  8. Proceed with Caution:
    • Exercise caution while executing tasks and ensure that you follow instructions carefully to avoid damaging your device.
  9. Verify Successful Operation:
    • After completing the desired tasks, verify that the operations were successful and that your Huawei Y7p (ART-L28, ART-L29) functions as intended.


Mastering the test point method is essential for Huawei Y7p (ART-L28, ART-L29) users seeking to perform advanced tasks and resolve software-related issues effectively. By following these step-by-step instructions, users can navigate the test point process with confidence and achieve desired outcomes.

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