iPhone 11: re-definition of Apple Touch ID to the old? RELEASE DATE


iPhone 11  will you give the Apple to the Touch ID its own and improvements and add the ID of the face feature complementary phone Apple iPhone 11 for the year 2019 is? It seems that this is the case where that the company has filed a patent technology Touch ID. The fact that the company has chosen to provide a patent is a gift that will improve the technology.

Changes to fit the screen of touch?
A few days ago, confirmed one of the reports that Apple will be an agreement with a company owned by Samsung for OLED screens sensitive to the touch the warmth of her following devices iPhones. So it has been reported that this would reduce the thickness and weight of the price of the hardware, etc. So, if this report is still valid, it can be inferred that this patent can solve the problem of the use of Ole technology Touch ID with this new painting. May show details as soon as referred to the patent application. One commentator noted that iPhone users love the Touch ID, this style of iPhone 11 (2019).

According to the said Art and future work, the combination of biometric identification using the identification number of the touch and the face to be a statement of strong security, which can be difficult to detect. Remember these isolated reports of people who use images, etc. To overcome the function of determining the face? Can become a thing of the past. And the most important points that he proposed to make iPhones act as a guide to an alternative air can be used instead of passports. If Apple secured as described above, the company can get another selling point.

iPhone 11 (2019)

Points around the notch or hole
You will be for your iPhones in the next year the hole or slot similar to the Infinity O of Samsung? Deteriorating controversy in some circles of social media and learning company Apple itself on any official comment about this issue. There are pictures overlapping with degree smaller, of course, these are concepts far removed from that adopted by Apple. However, is the establishment of many new ideas this way and then become real.

The last point to assert here is that the tech giant based in Cupertino’s joined the race to produce iPhone compatible 5G, at least in the year 2019. This may be consistent with the period 2020 referred to previously for your 5G.

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