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Download Software Oppo A3S CPH1803 all versions,

the ROMs in this topic are official, fully reset the phone as factory setting for the first time and no changes have been made to it …

Advantages of flash by the ROM:

reset the pattern oppo a3s , remove password a3s , or coffee code
remove FRP protection and remove Google account
Solved the problem of stock on logo
fix probleme tatche after update
Solved the problem of deactivating some system files “store paused, keyboards paused, contacts paused, messages paused”

oppo a3s flash file CPH1803 OFP Firmware (Flash File)


oppo a3s flash file zip CPH1803EX_11_A.02_180705













oppo a3s flash file CPH1803 OTA Firmware (Flash update)

Build Number: CPH1803EX_11_A.15_190123
OTA Version: CPH1803EX_11.A.15_0150_201901231647
Android Version: v8.1 (Oreo)
Download Size: 2.08 GB


How to Flash Oppo A3S via Qfil and SD Card (without desktop), 100% Success!

oppo a3s pattern unlock

Download Oppo A3s Flash File And Tool

Guide To Flash Oppo A3s With MSM Download Tool

How to Flash Oppo A3S via Qfil

Okay, in the first part we will discuss how to flash Oppo A3S via Qfil.

The ingredients that you need to prepare include:

  1. Download QPST / QFIL v2.7.472 for Windows
  2. Download Qualcomm USB Driver
  3. Download the Oppo A3S Firmware – Choose the QFIL.

If you have prepared all of the above materials as a whole, then you can follow the steps – the Oppo A3S flash via Qfil below:

  • First of all you install the driver on the PC / computer.
  • Then extract the Oppo A3S Firmware ROM stock file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Run Qfil Tool.
  • Select the ” Flat Build ” option .
How To Flash Oppo A3S Forgot Pattern
oppo a3s pattern lock remove tool
  • In the Select Programmer section , click ” Browse … “. Then you point to the firmware extracted folder and look for the file ” prog_emmc_firehouse_89XX.mbn ” (without quotes).
How to Flash Oppo A3S via QFIL
download firmware oppo a3s cph1803 qfil
  • In the Download box select Load XML and navigate to rawprogram0.xml . And click ” start ” again .

Free flash file Oppo A3S CPH1803 firmware + tool 1

  • Next turn off the cellphone, then connect the Oppo A3S to the PC while pressing the volume button.
  • Check the QDLoader 9008 driver in the Device Manager on your PC / computer. If the phone is not detected, try to check the driver whether it is installed correctly or not.
  • Next you need to make sure that the Oppo A3S device has appeared and is really detected in Qfil Tool
  • After that click the Download button on Qfil.
  • Wait until the process runs completely and do not you brain – tinkering. Just wait until 100% successful.

When the flashing process is complete, unplug the USB cable and turn on your Oppo A3S phone. Wait for the boot process to run (usually takes 10-15 minutes).

How to Flash Oppo A3S Without a PC (via SD Card)

  • If you really do not succeed in the first way above, or you do not have a laptop or a computer at home, then you can run the second method by flashing the SD card oppo a3s via.The second method is much simpler because it only requires the SD card and oppo a3s firmware files, it does not require any software.

    SD card, you need to prepare at least 4 GB, if more than 4 GB of memory capacity will be better. Check out the tutorial below.

    First format the SD card. This is necessary to maximize the flicker process later.

    Next download OTA oppo a3s cph1803 place it on your SD card. The file is firmware and

    install : CPH1803EX_11_A.12_OTA_0120_all.zip

  • Download oppo a3s firmware above.Important: One thing you need to know, you need to make sure that the battery of the smartphone should be charged at least 50% to prevent the HP battery from falling during the flashing that is running. If you can make sure that the battery is 100%.

    Then turn off your smartphone and install the SD card on the smartphone where you want to flash.

    The next time you turn on the smartphone, press the volume and power buttons at the same time until the oppo logo appears.

    After the oppo logo is displayed, you can release the power button, but hold down the volume button until the language selection menu appears.

    You can choose the language there. Just pick English.

    Then you will go to the recovery menu.

    Select Install from the Storage Device menu.

    Select from the SD card.

    Next, you need to find the copy of ota firmware file on the sd card with the.zip extension.

    Confirm that the oppo a3s flashing process has started without this PC by selecting OK.

    The flashing process runs automatically and takes up to 10 to 15 minutes to wait for the process.

    Finish and display the “Update Success” message, which means that the blinking process succeeds, and then select Return.

    Then select the Restart menu.

    oppo a3s phone restarts and loads into the setup wizard screen. After that, the location and date language settings.

    Done! You have now managed to flash oppo a3s without a PC.

    Hey, what happened? How to flash the oppo a3s via SD card is easy, right?

    Without a PC, the process is simpler than the first method.

    So this is a tutorial on how to flash this oppo a3s.

    Hopefully this tutorial can be followed easily. If there is a broken link, just report in the comments.

    Good luck way flashing oppo a3s via qfil & SD card up and good luck. If there is a question about how to flash oppo a3s , ask in the comments.


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