How to Remove Frp zte z981 google account with NCK


how to reset factory reset protection frp ZTE Z981 account using the box or NCK Dongle.

Step to remove frp zte z981 google account with NCK dongle or box

To proceed with the bypass of the google account you must do the following steps, remember that for new method you need the NCK unlock box.

Open the Qualcomm Module of your NCK toolPlace the android device

in FTM mode to place it in this mode you must turn off the cell phone and press and hold

Vol key – and connect the usb cable to the cell phone.Once in FTM mode you should go to the Useful box and click on ADB Reboot ADL .The cell phone will go up in EDL mode. You will install the Qualcomm drivers. Then you go to the MAIN tab, scan the ports and choose the port generated by the cell phone.Go to the Reset FRP option and choose Zte Mode EDL .Click Reset FRP accepts the terms, the box will carry out the process and ready it will go up without bypass frp an account.

How to factory data reset frp ZTE Z981 without desktop


bypass google account zte Z981 7.1.1 without pc

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