how to update Samsung KS8000 firmware


We continue the series of articles about the top line of Samsung TVs in 2016. In each of them, we reveal in a little more detail the essence of their inherent key technologies and features: quantum dots, HDR 1000, Smart TV, curved display, along with a proprietary 360 ° design. Today we are talking about the KS8000 model, which occupies a rather difficult position in the series. In all its characteristics, it repeats the flagship KS9000, with the exception of the curved panel. This is a classic flat panel TV.

But at the same time, the KS8000 may just as well be the title of the pinnacle in the world of LCD TVs. Both the unique technology of LED backlighting Quantum Dots Display and full support for the HDR 1000 standard play a role here. Let’s talk about it in more detail.



HDR 1000


The abbreviation HDR (High Dynamic Range, high dynamic range) is well known to all photography lovers – under it in this area are hidden images that are stitched together from several frames taken with different exposures. This is how the maximum elaboration of both shadows and light areas is achieved. In video, of course, the implementation of HDR is different – but the end result is essentially the same: the widest dynamic range possible.

In LCD TVs, for this, only local backlighting with LEDs scattered throughout the display substrate is used – to regulate the glow smoothly, with maximum brightness in certain points, but at the same time not illuminating dark areas. You also need very accurate signal processing and, in cases where the content does not meet the standard, bring it to mind.


download firmware samsung k8000 : KS8000 Flat SUHD Quantum Dot Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 TV

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