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how to flash Wiko U Pulse by firmware remove account google frp 

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How to delete a frp account from Wiko U Pulse
You may have opened a frp account to sync it to your Wiko U Pulse and you are not using it: you want to delete it.

You can have multiple accounts on frp and you want to get rid of a few.

That’s why we wrote this article on how to delete a frp account on Wiko U Pulse . For this tutorial, we’ll assume you have an Android phone. There are certain consequences that you should know before doing such manipulation. We will start our article with these.

We will then show you how to delete a frp account either from the “Settings” menu or by using “Reset”.

Consequences if you delete a frp account
Before performing this operation on Wiko U Pulse, you should know that this is irreversible manipulation.

Once it is deleted, you can not recover it.

You will not be able to use a service, such as frp or Facebook, for which you used the account to sign in.

The frp username would be available again.

You will also lose any data that is linked to your account, including records, photos or emails.

All content you have purchased on Google Play or YouTube will no longer be available.

Finally, the information you’ve kept in Chrome, such as bookmarks, would be lost.

If you do not have a problem with these conditions, you can proceed to the next step.

If you have doubts, make sure to save the content you want to keep and do not hesitate to talk to a professional or friend who knows the technologies so that he can help you understand what you need do it first.

Delete a frp account on Wiko U Pulse
Deleting a frp account in the Settings menu
Here is how to delete a frp account on Wiko U Pulse using the “Settings” menu. Start by going to “Settings”. Then scroll to the “Personalization” section and press “Accounts” and then “Google”. You’ll see a menu that lets you sync your Google Account with your data, contacts, calendar, etc. You need to tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and select “Delete Account”. A window will open asking if you really want to delete your account.

Tap “Delete Account”. At this point, your frp account and all services related to this account will be removed from your device.

Deleting a frp account using “Reset”
Here’s how to do it Wiko U Pulse using the “Reset” option. Before you begin, you should know that this manipulation can erase the data you want to keep.

Read carefully what your device is warning you about. Start by going to the “Settings” menu. Then scroll to the “Customization” section and press “Backup and Reset”. Then press “Reset factory data” and “Reset device”.

The other way to delete a frp account from Wiko U Pulse is the recovery mode: reset your device without having to start it.

First, you need to make sure your phone is turned off. Then, hold the combination of “Power + Volume-“, “Power + Volume +”, “Power + Home”, or “Power + Back” depending on your model. You can search online for the right combination to use for your device. At the recovery screen, choose “clear data / factory reset” to restore your device. It is done !

How to delete a frp account from Wiko U Pulse
Our other pages on Wiko U Pulse may be able to help you.

Reminder of the basic features of frp on Wiko U Pulse
frp is a free, advertising-funded email service developed by Google.

It is probably available on your Wiko U Pulse.

Users can access frp on the web and through mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content via POP or IMAP protocols. frp started as a limited beta and completed its test phase thereafter.

At launch, frp had an initial storage capacity of 1 gigabyte per user, significantly higher than the competitors offered at the time.

Today, the service comes with 15 gigabytes of storage, handy for checking your email on your Wiko U Pulse.

Be careful, deleting the account will erase all data.

Users can receive e-mails up to 50 megabytes in size, including attachments, while being able to send e-mails up to 25 megabytes.

To send larger files, users can insert Google Drive files into the message.

frp has a search-oriented interface and a “conversation view” similar to an Internet forum. The service is notable among website developers for its pioneering use of Ajax.

Delete spam emails on your Wiko U Pulse
frp spam filtering uses a community-driven system: When a user marks an email as spam, it provides information that allows the system to identify future similar messages for all frp users, of which you – even on your Wiko U Pulse.

To conclude on the removal of Google mail
We’ve taught you how to delete a frp account from Wiko U Pulse.

It is a simple manipulation, but with great consequences on your Wiko U Pulse.

Be careful and be aware of any changes it will cause on your device. However, these actions only apply to your Wiko U Pulse, you can still connect to your frp account from your computer.

If you have uncertainties, do not hesitate to talk to a professional or friend who knows the technologies so that he can help you.

Thank you for reading this article.

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