How To Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8 Lite Reset Settings Password Pattern


How To Hard Reset ZTE  Blade V8 Lite  Will Be Simply Necessary For You If:


  • ZTE Blade V8 started to slow down and freeze
  • If you have forgotten your google account password on zte Blade V8;
  • Blade V8 writes “Too many pattern entry attempts”;
  • If the Blade V8 user has forgotten the pattern;
  • If you need to return the Blade V8 to factory settings;
  • If you just want to clean your smartphone Blade V8.

Hard reset ZTE Blade V8 will reset to factory settings, all user files and settings will be deleted. Therefore, before the procedure for hard resetting your ZTE smartphone, save the data you need (photos, contacts, videos, music).
All applications previously installed by the user will also be removed. To save information, you can use Titanium Backup , here is information about the possibility of data recovery after hard reset ZTE Blade V8.

ZTE Blade V8 Hard Reset


  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold the Volume (Up) and Power buttons at the same time until the screen lights up

ZTE Blade A520 hard reset



3.Use the Volume adjustment buttons to go to the “wipe data / factory reset” item and select the Power button


zte blade a520 reset


4. At the next step, similarly select the item “Yes – delete all user data”


hard reset zte a520


5. The last is the reboot clause. After reboot, hard reset is done



reset zte blade a520


Factory Reset Zte Blade V8 Using The Menu


  • Enter Menu -> Settings
  • Restore and reset , or Backup and reset
  • Reset
  • Erase everything.


Reset Google Account (FRP) On ZTE Blade V8

It will come in handy if, after resetting the settings to the factory settings, the phone asks to enter the old Google email account, which you do not remember or forgot the password for it.

Video Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8 Lite


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