How to fix the 501 error in the Google Play Store


If you are an Android user, knowing how to resolve Google Play Store errors 501 or 505 is very useful. Google Play Store error 501 is a common issue encountered by Android users, typically occurring during the download or update process of applications. When this error occurs, users may see a message stating “Installation impossible” for the affected application, rendering them unable to install or update any apps or games. Error 501 often arises, particularly when attempting to install multiple applications simultaneously.

Google Play Store error 501 may manifest on high-end phones with customized ROMs, and it is more likely to occur on rooted Android devices. Let’s explore the methods to resolve this issue:

Part 1: Five Methods to Fix Google Play Store Error 501

  1. Sequential App Downloads: If you’re reinstalling all applications due to a factory reset, consider downloading apps one at a time to prevent error 501.
  2. Troubleshoot Google Play Store: If the above solution doesn’t work, troubleshoot the Google Play Store for any functionality issues following an update. Uninstalling recent updates can resolve the issue. Here’s how:
  • Navigate to Settings > Application Manager.
  • Find Google Play Store, select it, and choose “Force Stop”.
  • Next, tap on “Clear Data” and then “Uninstall Updates”.
  • Restart your device and attempt to install or update apps from the Play Store again.
  1. Update Google Play Services: Outdated Google Play Services can lead to error 501. Uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play Services can resolve compatibility issues. Follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > All.
  • Locate Google Play Services, select it, and choose to update.
  1. Clear Google Play Store Cache: Clearing the cache of the Google Play Store app can resolve issues caused by cache corruption. Follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Settings > Application Manager > All.
  • Find Google Play Store, tap on it, and select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.
  1. For Custom ROM Users: If you’re using a custom ROM, error 501 may stem from compatibility issues. Updating the operating system or flashing a new ROM can resolve the problem.

Part 2: Other Google Play Store Errors

In addition to error 501, other common errors include:

  • Error RH01: Occurs when there’s an issue retrieving information from the server. You can resolve it by clearing data and cache in the Google Play Store and Google Services Framework or by removing and re-adding your Gmail account.
  • Server Retrieval Error: This occurs when Google’s servers fail to retrieve information. You can solve it by deleting and re-adding your Google account and clearing data and cache in Google Services Framework.

These methods should help resolve Google Play Store errors and other related issues on your Android device without causing damage.

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