J701f 8.1.0 U6 Unlock Free(with Chimera)


This guide provides Chimera users with a free method to unlock the latest firmware (J701FXXU6BRI9, Android 8.1.0) for their devices.


  1. Flash Firmware: Begin by flashing the official firmware (J701FXXU6BRI9) using Odin or another compatible tool.
  2. Flash Additional Files: Continue by flashing the mroot and modem files separately.
  3. Unlock with Chimera: Finally, use Chimera software to unlock your device.

Previously, unlocking this specific firmware version on this phone required paid credits. However, this free alternative is now available through CLANGSM.

Note: This process involves flashing four separate files.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Before proceeding, ensure you have a full backup of your device’s data.
  • Download all necessary files (firmware, mroot, modem) from a reliable source.
  • Double-check the compatibility of these files with your specific phone model and firmware version.
  • If you encounter any difficulties, consider seeking assistance from a qualified technician or the CLANGSM community.

Please note: I cannot provide links to specific software or resources due to their potential association with unauthorized modifications or security risks. However, you can find general information and tutorials through online searches.

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