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kingo root windows is a unique software that gives owners of Android devices Superuser rights. The program software  was developed by Kingsoft Technology in 2013. The application is officially maintained and receives periodic updates, which have helped it acquire new modifiers and versions.

f you usually read our blog post , then you will know that on more than one occasion we have mentioned here some of the simplest ways that exist to be able to root a smart mobile device, a smartphone, to put it in other words so that we understand each other. Indeed, there are many software programs that have been specially developed for these purposes, and we in particular on this occasion wanted to focus on one of them, the so-called Kingo Root for Windows .

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Download and install Kingo Root windows

Well, the first thing you will have to do then is install Kingo Root directly from this link , which is completely safe, so you do not have to be looking in Google or anywhere else for an option to be able to take it to your Windows computer. When you launch it, you will see that Kingo Root’s user interface is very simple and easy to understand. This is one of the great advantages of Kingo Root, to the extent that even if you are a beginner you will be able to understand it .

Then, in the same way, it must be said that the use of Kingo Root as a rooting system for Android mobile devices is very simple, since all you have to do is download the program itself, install it on the computer, connect the device , and give the Root option. The rooting process with Kingo Root is carried out completely automatically, and one of the advantages over other systems such as iRoot is that in your case it does not require an Internet connection during the procedure .

how to install kingo root windows

A detailed overview of the KingoRoot app

The program has two modifications. One can be installed on a personal computer, the other on an Android device. The computer version was one of the first, then the developers decided to release the mobile one, so that access to rights was achieved even faster.

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The computer client weighs no more than 20 megabytes, is installed in a matter of seconds and requires a connection to an Android device. Connection is via a USB cable. The first connection may take several minutes, the software programe should detect the connected device and download the necessary drivers , After synchronization, the software program interface will appear on the computer screen , It is not difficult to get the rights, you need to click on the central “ROOT” button and wait until the device reboots and notifies about the successful operation.

The mobile client is a more modern program modifier; Superuser rights are activated even faster. Power consumption and requirements for system resources of the program are at the minimum level. The application needs only one launch to get extended rights. In the future, the program can be launched only if necessary.


he main advantages of KingoRoot:

  • the program software works with Android versions from 2.3 and higher
  • the latest versions received support for the Russian interface
  • compatibility with many mobile security systems
  • built-in utility KingoUser
  • official update support
  • works with all Windows operating systems

KingoRoot is a program that does not take up much space and will be in demand by most users. The application gives full access to the system part of the device and allows you to manually edit most of the settings (deleting system applications, controlling RAM, registries and other important criteria). The built-in KingoUser application will act as a small browser that controls the stable operation of the device mobile after obtaining Root rights.


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