Nokia C31 Test Point IMAGE HD Remove frp


 test point method for removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on the Nokia C31, follow these steps:

  • Identify the Test Point:
    • The test point is a specific location on the device’s motherboard used for entering EDL (Emergency Download) mode.
    • The location of the test point may vary based on the device model. You may need to consult technical documentation or search for online resources that provide guidance on locating the test point for your specific Nokia C31 model.
  • Accessing the Test Point:
    • Ensure the device is powered off.
    • Remove the back cover and battery of the Nokia C31 to access the internal components.
    • Locate the test point on the motherboard. It typically consists of two metal contact points labeled as TP or Test Point.
  • Shorting the Test Point:
    • Using a pair of tweezers or a conductive wire, short (connect) the two metal contact points of the test point together.
    • Be cautious to avoid damaging other components on the motherboard while shorting the test point.
  • Connect to a Computer:
    • Keep the test point shorted and connect the Nokia C31 to a computer using a USB cable.
    • Ensure the Nokia USB drivers are installed on your computer to recognize the device in EDL mode.
  • Remove FRP:
    • Once the Nokia C31 is successfully detected in EDL mode, you can use compatible software tools like Miracle Box, UMT, or other flashing boxes to remove FRP.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the software tool to remove the FRP lock from your Nokia C31.
  • Disconnect and Reassemble:
    • After successfully removing FRP, disconnect the device from the computer.
    • Reassemble the Nokia C31 by reinserting the battery and attaching the back cover.
  • Verify Operation:
    • Power on the Nokia C31 and verify that the FRP lock has been successfully removed.
    • Set up the device as needed and ensure all functions are working correctly.



It’s essential to exercise caution and follow the instructions carefully while performing hardware modifications like shorting the test point. Improper handling can lead to device damage. If you’re not comfortable performing these steps yourself, consider seeking assistance from a professional technician familiar with Nokia device repair and modification.

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