Removing FRP works with normal P20 and P20 Pro and several Huawei more

1 enable Talback mode by pressing the language screen with 2 fingers until talback mode is enabled
2 suspend talback by pressing volume-and volume + until talback is suspended
3 connect to wifi
4 enable talback again by pressing volume-and volume +
5 Draw An L on the screen and enter tolback configuration
6 tolback disables again
7 down help and comments
8 Enter Get started with voice Access
9 tap the video repo icon
10 then touch the clock above to the right



11 while on youtube you give him to share
12 there choose Gmail
13 give add account
14 going to another
15 being there they write their email from gmail
16 they do not give you in next but choose manual configuration
17 they choose Exchange while there is an option called client certificate they give you select and ask you if you want to change the defrocket code to install certificate you give you if and you put a password of your own then you only come out in trying to set up normal only now the password you request is the one we place

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