Samsung Galaxy A34 A346E android 14 Test point Remove Frp


how To remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from your Samsung Galaxy A34 A346E test point method, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Power Off the Device: Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy A34 is powered off completely.
  2. Open the Back Cover: Carefully remove the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy A34. You may need to refer to online teardown guides specific to your device model.
  3. Locate the Test Points: After removing the back cover, locate the test points on your device’s motherboard. These test points are used to force the device into download mode.

samsung a34 test point

  1. Connect the Test Points: Using a suitable tool or wire, short-circuit the test points to ground. This action will force the device into download mode.
  2. Connect the USB Cable: While keeping the test points short-circuited, connect the USB cable to your device. This step is crucial for entering download mode.
  3. Enter Download Mode: The short-circuiting of the test points, along with the USB connection, will prompt the device to enter download mode automatically.
  4. Use Flashing Tool: Once your Samsung Galaxy A34 is in download mode, you can use a compatible flashing tool on your computer to flash the firmware that doesn’t have FRP enabled.
  5. Flash the Firmware: Follow the instructions provided by the flashing tool to flash the firmware onto your device. Ensure that you use firmware that doesn’t have FRP enabled.
  6. Complete the Flashing Process: Allow the flashing tool to complete the firmware flashing process. Once done, your Samsung Galaxy A34 should reboot automatically.
  7. Set up Your Device: After the device reboots, proceed with the initial setup as you would with a new device. You should no longer encounter FRP lock issues.

By following these steps carefully, you should be able to remove FRP from your Samsung Galaxy A34 using the test point method. Make sure to proceed with caution and ensure that you have the necessary firmware and tools before starting the process.

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